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Use usePreviewMode to check and control preview mode in Nuxt


Preview mode allows you to see how your changes would be displayed on a live site without revealing them to users.

You can use the built-in usePreviewMode composable to access and control preview state in Nuxt. If the composable detects preview mode it will automatically force any updates necessary for useAsyncData and useFetch to rerender preview content.

const { enabled, state } = usePreviewMode()


Custom enable check

You can specify a custom way to enable preview mode. By default the usePreviewMode composable will enable preview mode if there is a preview param in url that is equal to true (for example, http://localhost:3000?preview=true). You can wrap the usePreviewMode into custom composable, to keep options consistent across usages and prevent any errors.

export function useMyPreviewMode () {
  return usePreviewMode({
    shouldEnable: () => {
      return !!route.query.customPreview

Modify default state

usePreviewMode will try to store the value of a token param from url in state. You can modify this state and it will be available for all usePreviewMode calls.

const data1 = ref('data1')

const { enabled, state } = usePreviewMode({
  getState: (currentState) => {
    return { data1, data2: 'data2' }
The getState function will append returned values to current state, so be careful not to accidentally overwrite important state.


The example below creates a page where part of a content is rendered only in preview mode.

<script setup>
const { enabled, state } = usePreviewMode()

const { data } = await useFetch('/api/preview', {
  query: {
    apiKey: state.token

    Some base content
    <p v-if="enabled">
      Only preview content: {{ state.token }}
      <button @click="enabled = false">
        disable preview mode

Now you can generate your site and serve it:

npx nuxi generate
npx nuxi preview

Then you can see your preview page by adding the query param preview to the end of the page you want to see once:

usePreviewMode should be tested locally with nuxi generate and then nuxi preview rather than nuxi dev. (The preview command is not related to preview mode.)