The <ClientOnly> component renders its slot only in client-side. To import a component only on the client, register the component in a client-side only plugin.


  • placeholderTag | fallbackTag: specify a tag to be rendered server-side.
  • placeholder | fallback: specify a content to be rendered server-side.
<template>  <div>    <Sidebar />    <ClientOnly fallback-tag="span" fallback="Loading comments...">      <Comment />    </ClientOnly>  </div></template>


  • #fallback: specify a content to be displayed server-side.
<template>  <div>    <Sidebar />    <ClientOnly>      <!-- ... -->      <template #fallback>        <!-- this will be rendered on server side -->        <p>Loading comments...</p>      </template>    </ClientOnly>  </div></template>