navigateTo is a router helper function that allows programmatically navigating users through your Nuxt application.

navigateTo is available on both server side and client side. It can be used within plugins, middleware or can be called directly to perform page navigation.


navigateTo(to: RouteLocationRaw | undefined | null, options?: NavigateToOptions) => Promise<void | NavigationFailure> | RouteLocationRawinterface NavigateToOptions {  replace?: boolean  redirectCode?: number  external?: boolean}

Make sure to always use await or return on result of navigateTo when calling it.



Type: RouteLocationRaw | undefined | null

Default: '/'

to can be a plain string or a route object to redirect to. When passed as undefined or null, it will default to '/'.

options (optional)

Type: NavigateToOptions

An object accepting the following properties:

  • replace (optional)
    Type: boolean
    Default: false
    By default, navigateTo pushes the given route into the Vue Router's instance on the client side.
    This behavior can be changed by setting replace to true, to indicate that given route should be replaced.
  • redirectCode (optional)
    Type: number
    Default: 302
    navigateTo redirects to the given path and sets the redirect code to 302 Found by default when the redirection takes place on the server side.
    This default behavior can be modified by providing different redirectCode. Commonly, 301 Moved Permanently can be used for permanent redirections.
  • external (optional)
    Type: boolean
    Default: false
    Allows navigating to an external URL when set to true. Otherwise, navigateTo will throw an error, as external navigation is not allowed by default.


<script setup>// passing 'to' as a stringawait navigateTo('/search')// ... or as a route objectawait navigateTo({ path: '/search' })// ... or as a route object with query parametersawait navigateTo({  path: '/search',  query: {    page: 1,    sort: 'asc'  }})</script>
export default defineNuxtRouteMiddleware((to, from) => {  // setting the redirect code to '301 Moved Permanently'  return navigateTo('/search', { redirectCode: 301 })})
<script setup>// will throw an error;// navigating to an external URL is not allowed by defaultawait navigateTo('')// will redirect successfully with the 'external' parameter set to 'true'await navigateTo('', {  external: true})</script>