refreshNuxtData re-fetches all data from the server and updates the page as well as invalidates the cache of useAsyncData, useLazyAsyncData, useFetch and useLazyFetch.


refreshNuxtData(keys?: string | string[])


  • keys:
    Type: String | String[]
    refreshNuxtData accepts a single or an array of strings as keys that are used to fetch the data. This parameter is optional. All useAsyncData and useFetch are re-fetched when no keys are specified.


Refresh All data

This example below refreshes all data being fetched using useAsyncData and useFetch on the current page.

<template>  <div>    <button :disabled="refreshing" @click="refreshAll">      Refetch All Data    </button>  </div></template><script setup>const refreshing = ref(false)const refreshAll = async () => {  refreshing.value = true  try {    await refreshNuxtData()  } finally {    refreshing.value = false  }}</script>

Refresh Specific Data

This example below refreshes only data where the key matches to count.

<template>  <div>    {{ pending ? 'Loading' : count }}  </div>  <button @click="refresh">Refresh</button></template><script setup>const { pending, data: count } = useLazyAsyncData('count', () => $fetch('/api/count'))const refresh = () => refreshNuxtData('count')</script>