nuxi dev

npx nuxi dev [rootDir] [--dotenv] [--log-level] [--clipboard] [--open, -o] [--no-clear] [--port, -p] [--host, -h] [--https] [--ssl-cert] [--ssl-key]

The dev command starts a development server with hot module replacement at http://localhost:3000

rootDir.The root directory of the application to serve.
--dotenv.Point to another .env file to load, relative to the root directory.
--clipboardfalseCopy URL to clipboard.
--open, -ofalseOpen URL in browser.
--no-clearfalseDoes not clear the console after startup.
--port, -p3000Port to listen.
--host, -hlocalhostHostname of the server.
--httpsfalseListen with https protocol with a self-signed certificate by default.
--ssl-certnullSpecify a certificate for https.
--ssl-keynullSpecify the key for the https certificate.

The port and host can also be set via NUXT_PORT, PORT, NUXT_HOST or HOST environment variables.

This command sets process.env.NODE_ENV to development.

If you are using a self-signed certificate in development, you will need to set NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED=0 in your environment.