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This wrapper around useAsyncData triggers navigation immediately.


By default, useAsyncData blocks navigation until its async handler is resolved. useLazyAsyncData provides a wrapper around useAsyncData that triggers navigation before the handler is resolved by setting the lazy option to true.

useLazyAsyncData has the same signature as useAsyncData.
Read more in Docs > API > Composables > Use Async Data.


<script setup lang="ts">
/* Navigation will occur before fetching is complete.
  Handle pending and error states directly within your component's template
const { pending, data: count } = await useLazyAsyncData('count', () => $fetch('/api/count'))

watch(count, (newCount) => {
  // Because count might start out null, you won't have access
  // to its contents immediately, but you can watch it.

    {{ pending ? 'Loading' : count }}
useLazyAsyncData is a reserved function name transformed by the compiler, so you should not name your own function useLazyAsyncData.
Read more in Docs > Getting Started > Data Fetching.