Allows full control of the hydration cycle to set and receive data from the server.

useHydration is a built-in composable that provides a way to set data on the server side every time a new HTTP request is made and receive that data on the client side. This way useHydration allows you to take full control of the hydration cycle.


useHydration <T> (key: string, get: () => T, set: (value: T) => void) => {}

You can use useHydration() within composables, plugins and components.

useHydration accepts three parameters:

  • key
    Type: String
    key is a unique key that identifies the data in your Nuxt application
  • get
    Type: Function
    get is a function that returns the value to set the initial data
  • set
    Type: Function
    set a function that receives the data on the client-side

Once the initial data is returned using the get function on the server side, you can access that data within nuxtApp.payload using the unique key that is passed as the first parameter in useHydration composable.