Nuxt 2 reached End-of-Life on June 30th, 2024.


The recommended way to provide head data with user input.

The useHeadSafe composable is a wrapper around the useHead composable that restricts the input to only allow safe values.


You can pass all the same values as useHead

  script: [
    { id: 'xss-script', innerHTML: 'alert("xss")' }
  meta: [
    { 'http-equiv': 'refresh', content: '0;javascript:alert(1)' }
// Will safely generate
// <script id="xss-script"></script>
// <meta content="0;javascript:alert(1)">
Read more on unhead documentation.


useHeadSafe(input: MaybeComputedRef<HeadSafe>): void

The whitelist of safe values is:

export default {
  htmlAttrs: ['id', 'class', 'lang', 'dir'],
  bodyAttrs: ['id', 'class'],
  meta: ['id', 'name', 'property', 'charset', 'content'],
  noscript: ['id', 'textContent'],
  script: ['id', 'type', 'textContent'],
  link: ['id', 'color', 'crossorigin', 'fetchpriority', 'href', 'hreflang', 'imagesrcset', 'imagesizes', 'integrity', 'media', 'referrerpolicy', 'rel', 'sizes', 'type'],

See @unhead/schema for more detailed types.