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Auto Imports

Nuxt 3 adopts a minimal friction approach, meaning wherever possible components and composables are auto-imported.

In the rest of the migration documentation, you will notice that key Nuxt and Vue utilities do not have explicit imports. This is not a typo; Nuxt will automatically import them for you, and you should get full type hinting if you have followed the instructions to use Nuxt's TypeScript support.

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  1. If you have been using @nuxt/components in Nuxt 2, you can remove components: true in your nuxt.config. If you had a more complex setup, then note that the component options have changed somewhat. See the components documentation for more information.
You can look at .nuxt/types/components.d.ts and .nuxt/types/imports.d.ts to see how Nuxt has resolved your components and composable auto-imports.