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Nuxt 3 is a complete rewrite of Nuxt 2, and also based on a new set of underlying technologies.

There are significant changes when migrating a Nuxt 2 app to Nuxt 3, although you can expect migration to become more straightforward as we move toward a stable release.

This migration guide is under progress to align with the development of Nuxt 3.

Some of these significant changes include:

  1. Moving from Vue 2 to Vue 3, including defaulting to the Composition API and script setup.
  2. Moving from webpack 4 and Babel to Vite or webpack 5 and esbuild.
  3. Moving from a runtime Nuxt dependency to a minimal, standalone server compiled with nitropack.
If you need to remain on Nuxt 2, but want to benefit from Nuxt 3 features in Nuxt 2, you can alternatively check out how to get started with Bridge.

Next Steps