Nuxt is constantly evolving, with new features and modules being added all the time.

This page lists the current status and schedule of our planned releases.

📢 Announcements

📝 Status Reports

Current Releases

Nuxt 3 is stable* and available as the nuxt npm tag with latest tag.

The latest updates on Nuxt 2.x are available via the nuxt-edge npm package and are expected to be released soon for forward compatibility. A minor version is expected during Autumn, 2022 as nuxt@2.16 with cumulative updates for future compatibility with Bridge.

ReleasenpmStatusLast ReleaseDocsRepository
Nuxt 3.xnuxtStable3.x docsnuxt/nuxt
Nuxt 3.x (edge*)nuxt3Development3.x docsnuxt/nuxt
Nuxt 2.xnuxtMaintenance2.x docsnuxt/nuxt#2.x
Nuxt 2.x (edge*)nuxt-edgeMaintenance2.x docsnuxt/nuxt

(*) Edge releases are automated after each commit passing tests

🛣️ Roadmap

In roadmap below are the major expected features that are coming soon with Nuxt 3.

💡 Check Discussions and RFCs for more upcoming features and ideas.

MilestoneExpected dateNotesDescription
Image2022nuxt/image#548Stable image optimization for Nuxt 3
Test Utils2022nuxt/nuxt#13372A rewrite of nuxt/test-utils for testing Nuxt 3 and new modules
SEO & PWA2022nuxt/nuxt#18395Migrating from nuxt-community/pwa-module for built-in SEO utils and service worker support
Scripts-nuxt/nuxt#16119Easy 3rd party script management.
DevTools--Integrated and modular devtools experience for Nuxt
Translations-nuxt/translations#4 (request access)A collaborative project for a stable translation process for Nuxt 3 docs. Currently pending for ideas and documentation tooling support (content v2 with remote sources).

📦 Core Modules

In addition to the Nuxt framework, there are modules that are vital for the ecosystem. Their status will be updated below.

ModuleStatusNuxt SupportRepositoryDescription
AuthPlanned3.xnuxt/auth to be announcedNuxt 3 support is planned after session support
ImageActive2.x and 3.xnuxt/imageNuxt 3 support is in progress: nuxt/image#548
TelemetryActive2.x and 3.xnuxt/telemetryNuxt 3 is supported. Stats to be public soon!
I18nActive2.x and 3.xnuxt-modules/i18nSee nuxt-modules/i18n#1287 for Nuxt 3 support