Nuxt is constantly evolving, with new features and modules being added all the time.

See our blog for the latest framework and ecosystem announcements.

📝 Status Reports

Release Cycle

Since January 2023, we've adopted a consistent release cycle for Nuxt 3, following semver. We aim for major framework releases every year, with an expectation of patch releases every week or so and minor releases every month or so. They should never contain breaking changes except within options clearly marked as experimental.

Current Packages

The current active version of Nuxt is v3 which is available as nuxt on npm with the latest tag.

Nuxt 2 is in maintenance mode and is available on npm with the 2x tag. It will reach End of Life (EOL) on December 31st, 2023 at the same time as Vue 2 does.

Each version has its own edge releases which are generated automatically. For more about enabling the Nuxt 3 edge channel, see the edge channel docs.

ReleasenpmStatusLast ReleaseDocsRepository
Nuxt 3.xnuxtStable3.x docsnuxt/nuxt
Nuxt 3.x (edge*)nuxt3Development3.x docsnuxt/nuxt
Nuxt 2.xnuxtMaintenance2.x docsnuxt/nuxt#2.x
Nuxt 2.x (edge*)nuxt-edgeMaintenance2.x docsnuxt/nuxt

🛣️ Roadmap

In roadmap below are the major expected features that are coming soon with Nuxt 3.

💡 Check Discussions and RFCs for more upcoming features and ideas.

MilestoneExpected dateNotesDescription
Image2023nuxt/image#548Stable image optimization for Nuxt 3
SEO & PWA2023nuxt/nuxt#18395Migrating from nuxt-community/pwa-module for built-in SEO utils and service worker support
DevTools2023-Integrated and modular devtools experience for Nuxt
Scripts2023nuxt/nuxt#16119Easy 3rd party script management.
Translations-nuxt/translations#4 (request access)A collaborative project for a stable translation process for Nuxt 3 docs. Currently pending for ideas and documentation tooling support (content v2 with remote sources).

📦 Core Modules

In addition to the Nuxt framework, there are modules that are vital for the ecosystem. Their status will be updated below.

ModuleStatusNuxt SupportRepositoryDescription
AuthPlanned3.xnuxt/auth to be announcedNuxt 3 support is planned after session support
ImageActive2.x and 3.xnuxt/imageNuxt 3 support is in progress: nuxt/image#548
TelemetryActive2.x and 3.xnuxt/telemetryNuxt 3 is supported. Stats to be public soon!
I18nActive2.x and 3.xnuxt-modules/i18nSee nuxt-modules/i18n#1287 for Nuxt 3 support