Nuxt Community

Nuxt would not be what it is today without its community of maintainers, contributors and users.

The journey of an Open Source Project

The development of Nuxt and its ecosystem is led by an international team. Our committed team and community work every day to move Nuxt forward.

  • Since the creation of Nuxt 3
    • 60M

      npm downloads

    • 75K


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  • From users to Contributors

    From contributors to advocates, the community is made of members with different horizons and skills. We are happy to see new members every day and encourage anyone to help in any way (answering questions, giving a talk, creating modules and contributing to the core).

    Sharing is caring

    1. Hundreds of conferences, meetups and workshop all around the world since the creation of Nuxt.
    2. An active contribution on the framework but also on the different Nuxt open source projects: bug fixes, pull requests...
    3. A lovely and precious help to teach you, help you and nuxtify the world.

    Join the journey

    From user to contributor, these guides will help you get the best out of Nuxt.

    • How to contribute?

      Nuxt is a community project - and so we love contributions of all kinds! ❤️

    • Discover our roadmap

      Nuxt is constantly evolving, with new features and modules being added all the time.

    • Reporting Bugs

      One of the most valuable roles in open source is taking the time to report bugs helpfully.

    • Getting Help

      We're a friendly community of developers and we'd love to help you!