Next generation utility-first CSS framework.


Windi CSS for Nuxt.js! ⚡️
Next generation utility-first CSS framework.

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Status: Stable v2 ✅ , bridge ✅, v3 ✅
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  • 🧩 On-demand CSS utilities (Compatible with Tailwind CSS v2) and native elements style resetting
  • 📄 Use directives in any CSS lang @apply, @variants, @screen, @layer, theme() (Note: Vite / Nuxt v3 has limited support)
  • 🎳 Support Utility Groups - e.g. bg-gray-200 hover:(bg-gray-100 text-red-300)
  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Plays nicely with Nuxt v3, Nuxt v2, @nuxt/vite and @nuxt/content
  • 🔎 Integrated with windicss-analysis

Getting Started

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yarn add nuxt-windicss -D# npm i nuxt-windicss -D


Within your nuxt.config.js add the following.

// nuxt.config.jsexport default {  buildModules: [    'nuxt-windicss',  ],}

Nuxt 3

import { defineNuxtConfig } from 'nuxt3'export default defineNuxtConfig({  modules: [    'nuxt-windicss',  ],})


For Nuxt config typescript support, add the module within your tsconfig.json.

{  "compilerOptions": {    "types": [      "nuxt-windicss"    ]  }}

Windi Design In DevTools

Add the import with your existing windi imports and you'll have autocompletion in your Chrome DevTools! See "Design in DevTools" for more information.

export default {  // ...    css: [    'virtual:windi.css',    'virtual:windi-devtools',  ],}

Windi Analyzer

An analyser tool for Windi CSS. Browse your utilities usages, have an overview of your design system, identify "bad practices", and more!

You can enable Windi Analzyer using the Nuxt config. The analyser is only available in development mode.

export default defineNuxtConfig({  buildModules: [    'nuxt-windicss',  ],  windicss: {    analyze: true  }})

Alternatively, you can provide an object to control the analysis or the server.

windicss: {  analyze: {    analysis: {      interpretUtilities: false,    },    // see    server: {      port: 4444,      open: true,    }  }}

Migrating from tailwind

This module won't work with @nuxtjs/tailwindcss, you will need to remove it.

buildModules: [-  '@nuxtjs/tailwindcss',],

If you have a tailwind.config.js, please rename it to windi.config.js or windi.config.ts.

Follow the migration guide for other change details.

Ordering (optional)

By default, this all windi layers will be automatically imported for you.

If you'd like to change the layout ordering you can include the layers in any order you like.

For example, if you had a main.css which had h1 { margin-bottom: 30px; }, you might do something like this:

// nuxt.config.jsexport default {  // ...  css: [    // windi preflight    'virtual:windi-base.css',    // your stylesheets which overrides the preflight    '@/css/main.css',     // windi extras    'virtual:windi-components.css',    'virtual:windi-utilities.css',  ],}


Read the documentation for more details.


  • Windy team
  • @antfu Based on his Rollup / Vite implementation & his util package



MIT License © 2021 Harlan Wilton