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A Real CSS Engine. Only Scoped.


A Real CSS Engine. Only Scoped.


  • Vue, React/Preact/Vue-JSX, Nuxt, Astro and Svelte;
  • Fontaine and PostCSS integrated;
  • 0kb default injected .css;
  • Only scoped and JSX-Scoped;
  • Class-raw based;
  • Extend API;
  • Dynamic identifiers with unique/multiple engine;
  • Nullable options/classes;
  • External contexts (fonts/public files...).

Simple Example

<main class="reset:meyer">
<div class="flex[col jc-center ai-center] bg:black w:100% h[min 100vh] scroll[y auto]">
<p class="text[arial white 2rem 700]">Hello UnunuraCSS!</p>

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