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Re-usable components built with Radix Vue and Tailwind CSS.

Shadcn Nuxt

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Shadcn Vue module for Nuxt.


  • ⛰ Auto-import correct and relevant components
  • more to come...

Quick Setup

  1. Add shadcn-nuxt dependency to your project
# Using pnpm
pnpm add -D shadcn-nuxt

# Using yarn
yarn add --dev shadcn-nuxt

# Using npm
npm install --save-dev shadcn-nuxt
  1. Add shadcn-nuxt to the modules section of nuxt.config.ts
export default defineNuxtConfig({
  modules: [
  shadcn: {
     * Prefix for all the imported component
    prefix: '',
     * Directory that the component lives in.
     * @default "./components/ui"
    componentDir: './components/ui'

That's it! You can now use Shadcn Nuxt in your Nuxt app ✨


# Install dependencies
npm install

# Generate type stubs
npm run dev:prepare

# Develop with the playground
npm run dev

# Build the playground
npm run dev:build

# Run ESLint
npm run lint

# Run Vitest
npm run test
npm run test:watch

# Release new version
npm run release