radash module with auto-import and custom prefix

Radash for Nuxt

Radash auto-import module for Nuxt.

📦 Install

Install nuxt-radash as development dependency:

npm i nuxt-radash -D

Add it to the modules section of your nuxt.config:

export default defineNuxtConfig({
  modules: ["nuxt-radash"],

🚀 Example

Use any Radash methods in your Nuxt application, they will be auto-imported!

<script setup>
const fish = [
    name: "Marlin",
    weight: 105,
    source: "ocean",
    name: "Bass",
    weight: 8,
    source: "lake",
    name: "Trout",
    weight: 1,
    source: "lake",

const ra = {
  Mode: "god",
  Power: "sun",

const min = useMin(fish, (f) => f.weight);
const text = usePascal("it works!");
const lowerize = useLowerize(ra);
const snake = stringToSnake('green fish blue fish')

  <div>{{ text }}</div>
  <pre>{{ min }}</pre>
  <pre>{{ lowerize }}</pre>
  <pre>{{ snake }}</pre>

🔨 Config

prefix'use'String to prepend before each Radash function (false to disable)
prefixSkip'is'Functions that starts with this keywords will be skipped by prefix (false to disable)
upperAfterPrefixtrueIf true it will automatically uppercase first letter after prefix (false to disable)
alias[]Array of array pairs to rename specific Radash functions (prefix is still added)

💻 Example - Config

export default defineNuxtConfig({
  modules: ["nuxt-radash"],
   radash: {
    prefix: '_',
    prefixSkip: ['string'],
    upperAfterPrefix: true,
    alias: [
      ['snake', 'stringToSnake'], // => stringToSnake


The development of nuxt-radash was made possible thanks to the inspiration and code base from nuxt-lodash.

📄 License

MIT License © 2023 - Batuhan Göksu