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Nuxt module for Laravel Sanctum authentication

Nuxt Auth Sanctum

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This module provides a simple way to use Laravel Sanctum with Nuxt by leveraging cookies-based authentication. SSR-ready!


  • useSanctumAuth composable for easy access to the current user and authentication methods
  • Automated CSRF token header and cookie management
  • Both CSR and SSR modes support
  • Pre-configured middleware for pages that require authentication
  • Cast current user information to any class you want
  • Compatible with default Nuxt ofetch client
  • TypeScript support

Note: Before using this module, please make sure that you have already configured Laravel Sanctum on your backend. You can find more information about Laravel Sanctum here.

Complete documentation - Nuxt Auth Sanctum docs.

Quick Setup

  1. Add nuxt-auth-sanctum dependency to your project
npx nuxi@latest module add nuxt-auth-sanctum
  1. Add any required configuration in your nuxt.config.ts file
export default defineNuxtConfig({
    modules: ['nuxt-auth-sanctum'],

    sanctum: {
        baseUrl: 'http://localhost:80', // Laravel API

That's it! You can now use Nuxt Auth Sanctum in your Nuxt app ✨

For more details, check the documentation here.