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Identify and fix link issues for prerendered Nuxt 3 apps.

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  • ✅ Discover broken links - 404s and internal redirects
  • 🚩 Warnings for bad practice links - absolute instead of relative and wrong trailing slash
  • 🕵️ Fail on build if broken links are found (optional)


npm install --save-dev nuxt-link-checker# Using yarnyarn add --dev nuxt-link-checker



export default defineNuxtConfig({  modules: [    'nuxt-link-checker',  ],})

To have routes scanned for broken links automatically, they need to be pre-rendered by Nitro.

export default defineNuxtConfig({  nitro: {    prerender: {      crawlLinks: true,      routes: [        '/',        // any URLs that can't be discovered by crawler        '/my-hidden-url'      ]    }  }})

Set host (optional)

You'll need to provide the host of your site so that the crawler can resolve absolute URLs that may be internal.

export default defineNuxtConfig({  // Recommended   runtimeConfig: {    public: {      siteUrl: process.env.NUXT_PUBLIC_SITE_URL || '',    }  },  // OR   linkChecker: {    host: '',  },})

Exclude URLs from throwing errors

You can exclude URLs from throwing errors by adding them to the exclude array.

For example, if you have an /admin route that is a separate application, you can ignore all /admin links with:

export default defineNuxtConfig({  linkChecker: {    exclude: [      '/admin/**'    ],  },})

You can disable errors on broken links by setting failOn404 to false.

export default defineNuxtConfig({  linkChecker: {    failOn404: false,  },})

Module Config


  • Type: boolean
  • Default: true

If set to true, the build will fail if any broken links are found.


  • Type: string[]
  • Default: []

An array of URLs to exclude from the check.

This can be useful if you have a route that is not pre-rendered, but you know it will be valid.


  • Type: string
  • Default: runtimeConfig.public.siteUrl || localhost
  • Required: false

The host of your site. This is required to validate absolute URLs which may be internal.


  • Type: boolean
  • Default: false

Whether internal links should have a trailing slash or not.



MIT License © 2023-PRESENT Harlan Wilton