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Capo.js implementation for Nuxt

capo.js for Nuxt

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capo.js implementation for Nuxt 3

What is Capo.js

Capo.js is a small snippet that identifies ways to boost the (perceived) performance of your page, by changing the order of elements in the page's <head> section.


  • ✨ validates your <head> in dev mode and when prerendering pages
  • 🔎 visualises optimal head configuration


Install and add nuxt-capo to your nuxt.config.

npx nuxi@latest module add capo
export default defineNuxtConfig({
  modules: ['nuxt-capo'],


That's it! You should now see debugging info and suggestions when server rendering your routes

Optimal head configurationSuggestions for head


Thanks to @rviscomi for making capo.js!

💻 Development

  • Clone this repository
  • Enable Corepack using corepack enable (use npm i -g corepack for Node.js < 16.10)
  • Install dependencies using pnpm install
  • Stub module with pnpm dev:prepare
  • Run pnpm dev to start playground in development mode


Made with ❤️

Published under the MIT License.