Nuxt Support

Discover the different support offers to answer your questions, get an audit, consulting or build your next idea.

Official Agency partners

Are you looking for a trusted partner with a strong expertise in Nuxt development? Consult our agency partner catalog and find an agency near you with the right set of skills. Deliver faster using our trusted agency partners.

We will gladly help you refine your needs and help you select the relevant partner for you.

Looking for an agency

Nuxt Experts

Do you need full time consulting service by a certified Nuxt Expert? We have built an expert network that covers a large variety of needs:

  • Identify and solve your pain points
  • Set your project on the right track with best practices
  • Improve your website performance
  • Provide custom solutions or integrations
Contact us at for a quote.

Community Support

Our active community is comprised of more than 2000 contributors. Asking your questions on our GitHub discussion board is a free and efficient way to ensure that you find solutions to your problems.

  • GitHub discussion

    We first recommend looking for your question on the discussion board. Feel free to create a post if you can't find the answer.

  • Discord server

    Our Discord server is also a good place to have real time exchanges with members of the community.

  • Other Platforms

    If none of the solutions above work for you, you can also try the Nuxt subreddit or StackOverflow.