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Yandex Metrika integration for Nuxt

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🕵️ Yandex Metrika integration for Nuxt 3


  • Support Nuxt 3, nuxt 2 users can use this one
  • Prints handy mesages in a dev mode, when certain goals is reached
  • Expose useful methods to the nuxt app instance
  • Fully customizable via runtime config
  • Types for external API


Install package via a package manager:

# using npm
npm install @artmizu/yandex-metrika-nuxt
# using yarm
yarn add @artmizu/yandex-metrika-nuxt
# using pnpm
pnpm add @artmizu/yandex-metrika-nuxt

Add it to a modules section of your nuxt config:

export default {
modules: ['@artmizu/yandex-metrika-nuxt'],


You can pass it through runtime config, module options and the special nuxt config property yandexMetrika.


  • Type: string
  • Required
  • Description: Yandex metrika ID

Other parameters you can see in the type file here