Stylify generates utility-first CSS dynamically based on what you write. Write HTML. Get CSS.

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💎 Introduction

Stylify is a library that uses CSS-like selectors to generate optimized utility-first CSS dynamically based on what you write.
Don't study framework. Focus on coding.

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⚡ Why Stylify instead of CSS or inline styles?

Because of fewer CSS headaches, faster coding and extremely optimized output.

✨ Features

  • 💎 Define Variables, Components, Custom selectors
  • 💎 Add custom macros like ml:2
  • 💎 Variables can be injected into css as CSS variables
  • 💎 CSS variables can differ for each screen
  • 💎 Simplify coding with helpers like color:lighten(#000,10)
  • 💎 Style any device with dynamic screens
  • 💎 You can mark areas for which CSS should not be
  • 💎 Split bundles for page/layout/component
  • 💎 Selectors are minified from long .color:blue to short .a
  • 💎 No purge needed. CSS is generated only when something is matched
  • 💎 Components & Custom selectors are attached to utilities. No duplicated property:value
  • 💎 Hooks can modify CSS or output for example wrap it in CSS layers
  • 💎 Mangled (hidden/unreadable) HTML classes in production (if mangled)
  • 💎 Try it with frameworks like, Next.js, Astro. SolidJS, Qwik Symfony, Nette, Laravel
  • 💎 Works with bundlers like Webpack, Rollup, Vite.js
  • 💎 Generated CSS can be used within SCSS, Less, Stylus
  • 💎 CSS variables can be exported into external file and reused

🚀 Integrations

Start using Stylify with your favorite tool in a minute.



🔥 Prepared Copy&Paste Headless Components

📦 Packages

astroastro-statusIntegration for
bundlerbundler-statusA flexible CSS bundler.
nuxtnuxt-statusModule for Nuxt.js Framework v3+.
nuxt-modulenuxt-module-statusModule for Nuxt.js Framework v2 < v3.
stylifystylify-statusCore package. Generates CSS and minifies selectors.
unpluginunplugin-statusUniversal plugin for Vite, Webpack, Rollup and Esbuild.


BrowserES5-compliant browsers, Intersection Observer support is required.Stylify doesn't need to be included in the browser. All CSS can be pregenerated on server or during a build.
Node>= 14In case Stylify will be used during an application build or in an SSR application.

💡 Examples, Changelog, Issues

  • Live examples and tutorials: documentation
  • Changelog and release changes: releases
  • Have an idea? Found a bug? Feel free to create an issue

🤟 Stay In Touch

👷 Contributing

Please make sure to read the Contributing Guide before making a pull request.

📝 License


Copyright (c) 2021-present, Vladimír Macháček