Nuxt Module for Inkline, the intuitive UI UX DX Components library for Vue.js 3 Design Systems.

v3.1.4 by alexgrozavalexgrozav

  • fix: Added node env to test build. d45a840
  • Merge pull request #11 from inkline/nuxt-module-defaults 56df876
  • feat: Updated test app to nuxt@3.0.0-rc.4. a257c78
  • feat: Added fallback to default module values. Added global flag. d05e189

v3.1.3 by alexgrozavalexgrozav

  • fix: Added support for adding inkline's stylesheet conditionally and prepending sass variables. 54ebfbd

v3.1.2 by alexgrozavalexgrozav

  • fix: Changed options.css concat so that scss variables can be overriden. ad0af95

v3.1.1 by alexgrozavalexgrozav

v3.1.0 by alexgrozavalexgrozav

v3.0.7 by alexgrozavalexgrozav

  • Merge pull request #5 from inkline/fix/nuxt-schema 18ca1fe
  • fix: Added explicit type to default module export. f31b70d

v3.0.6 by alexgrozavalexgrozav

v3.0.5 by alexgrozavalexgrozav

v3.0.4 by alexgrozavalexgrozav

v3.0.3 by alexgrozavalexgrozav

  • feat: Extracted require, filename and dirname to ensure Nuxt.js 2 compatibility. d80d8e1
  • docs: Updated readme with sponsorship and copyright. 90a7e27
  • fix: Updated troubleshooting guide for no exports scenario. 5d65002

v3.0.2 by alexgrozavalexgrozav

  • fix: Added ignore pattern for example components. c40ccab
  • feat: Added pathPrefix: false to component registration. b6ec620
  • feat: Added README and LICENSE to distributed package. f82f37b
  • docs: Updated troubleshooting guide with schema type shims. d2fe5f7
  • feat: Updated README structure. a8a186a

v3.0.1 by alexgrozavalexgrozav

  • feat: Added troubleshooting guide 3c89499
  • feat: Updated installation instructions in readme. a8a6512

v3.0.0 by alexgrozavalexgrozav

  • fix: Undone version bump to let np handle it. 19686db
  • feat: Added info about sass in readme. 4751d56
  • feat: Updated installation tutorial ee351bb
  • ci: Removed tests/app/package.json and unnecessary ci steps. 02480b6
  • ci: Added intermediary build steps. 99c7d01
  • fix: Moved modules from modules to buildModules. ee8085c
  • tryout: Importing defineNuxtModule from @nuxt/kit-edge. 98fb93d
  • ci: Added job title. 2822cbd
  • fix: Added dependency on @nuxt/schema. 3355040
  • fix: Removed inkline module from nuxt demo app. b3aa884
  • Merge branch 'main' of f4bbe2b
  • ci: Added npm ci command to workflow. 673539a
  • Merge pull request #1 from inkline/main 581bbfa
  • feat: Initial Nuxt 3 - Inkline 3 integration. c6a46dc