Integrate GraphQL in your Nuxt.js apps using vue-apollo.

v4.0.1-rc.1 by kieusonlamkieusonlam

Bug Fixes

  • plugin: check if NUXT.apollo exists (640ba3e)
  • types: export client config interface (90b5d69)

v4.0.1-rc.0 by kieusonlamkieusonlam


v4.0.0-rc.19 by kieusonlamkieusonlam


  • Restore local state cache after clear on server (#289)

** Chore **

  • Update devDependency core-js to ^2.6.11

v4.0.0-rc.18 by kieusonlamkieusonlam


Update vue-apollo to v3.0.1

** Features **

v4.0.0-rc.17 by kieusonlamkieusonlam

Bug Fix

  • Fix: clear cache after every request in ssr #274


  • add browserHttpEndpoint option for client requests #275

v4.0.0-rc.16 by kieusonlamkieusonlam

v4.0.0-rc.15 by kieusonlamkieusonlam

Bug Fixes

  • Keep errorHandler in sync #262
  • Add missing type #265


  • remove require default client #263


  • add local state demo in test folder

v4.0.0-rc.14 by kieusonlamkieusonlam

v4.0.0-rc.13.1 by kieusonlamkieusonlam

Bug Fixes

v4.0.0-rc.13 by kieusonlamkieusonlam

Bug Fixes


  • Update dependency vue-apollo to ^3.0.0-rc.5 (#253)

v4.0.0-rc.12 by kieusonlamkieusonlam

Bug Fixes

  • replace isomorphic-fetch with cross-fetch (#249)


  • fix types test when using nuxt 2.9 (#250)
  • fix for eslint-config-standard v14

v4.0.0-rc.11 by kieusonlamkieusonlam

v4.0.0-rc.10 by kieusonlamkieusonlam

v4.0.0-rc.9 by kieusonlamkieusonlam

v4.0.0-rc.8.2 by kieusonlamkieusonlam

v4.0.0-rc.8.1 by kieusonlamkieusonlam

v4.0.0-rc.8 by kieusonlamkieusonlam

v4.0.0-rc.7 by kieusonlamkieusonlam

v4.0.0-rc.6 by kieusonlamkieusonlam

  • fix: Cannot read property 'freezeResults' of null (nuxt-community/apollo-module#222)
  • update vue-apollo to v3.0.0-beta.30
    • (New) ApolloQuery: update prop
    • (New) ApolloQuery & ApolloMutation: loading event
    • (Fixed) uncaught in promise on client-side

v4.0.0-rc.5 by kieusonlamkieusonlam

This version have a breaking change of errorHandler option (nuxt-community/apollo-module#218):

  • fix errorHandler crashes server (nuxt-community/apollo-module#213)
  • add nuxt context to errorHandler context (now we can do more things with nuxt when apollo error hanpen)

v4.0.0-rc.4.2 by kieusonlamkieusonlam

v4.0.0-rc.4.1 by kieusonlamkieusonlam

Compatibility with Vue 2.6.6 and all updated dependencies by dohomidohomi

Fixed SSR issues and updated dependencies. Important notice: Make sure to run most recent Nuxt and Vue (2.6.6) because that shipped SSR support for the vue-apollo plugin.

Updated to most recent version of vue-apollo and minor bugfixes by dohomidohomi

This release starts with compatibility for Nuxt v2 and includes several minor bugfixes and updates to the most recent version of vue-apollo and other dependencies

Important note: Due to an issue in vue-apollo the rc3 might break on SSR. Please use the version rc2 in the meantime as long there is no fix for it.

Fixed vue-apollo version by dohomidohomi

Currently there is WIP on vue-apollo with breaking changes. This is a temporary release until the work is done

Bugfix release by dohomidohomi

Minor bugfix relase thanks for the contributions!

Updates of dependencies and cleanup by dohomidohomi

Thanks to #128 we got some bugfixing and updates of dependencies.

Bugfix release of missing cache by dohomidohomi

Bugfix of missing cache setting for each endpoint. Thanks @kieusonlam for your PR

Add possibility to extend options with path to config file by dohomidohomi

To fix most recent issues additionally to a simple object based setup you can now add a path to a config file to have full support to provide your own functions (which wasn't possible before this release)

// nuxt.config.jsapollo:{  clientConfigs:{    default: '~/plugins/apollo-default-config.js'  }}
// plugins/apollo-default-config.jsexport default function(context  return {   httpEndpoint: 'localhost:4000/graphql',   getAuth: () => 'Bearer my-static-api-token' }}

This is partly a breaking change. In case you passed a getAuth function as options you need to change your config to a plugin based config shown above.

Bugfix multi-client setup by dohomidohomi

Bugfix in case of multiple clients

Bugfix release by dohomidohomi

Evaluate correctly if getAuth function is set in options

Bugfix getAuth function ignored if set by dohomidohomi

Bugfix of getAuth as option of apollo. Now currently would work for setting a permanent token:

apollo:{  clientConfigs:{    getAuth:() => 'your_permanent_token'  }}

Add authenticationType to apollo options by dohomidohomi

A new option is now available as some requests are Basic or from any other authentication type.

  authenticationType: 'Basic' // => default: 'Bearer'

The default is Bearer so you might don't have to change any code in case you use a popular apollo server provider

Bugfix client-server hydration by dohomidohomi

Bring back cache mechanism for client-server hydration

Cleanup and improved documentation by dohomidohomi

Minor release towards final release of v4. Improved documentation and contribution guide. Fixed basic test

Zero config for your apollo configurations by dohomidohomi

To follow the same approach as the vue-cli-plugin-apollo version 4 will take of the configuration part entirely.

Breaking changes

This results into breaking changes All you need to provide are the endpoints to your apollo backend:

// nuxt.config.js
  clientConfigs: {
      default: {
        httpEndpoint: YOUR_HTTP_ENDPOINT,
        wsEndpoint: YOUR_WS_ENDPOINT

New function calls for login and logout handling

Additionally you can call now 3 functions to make your login/logout handling as easy as possible:

this.$apolloHelpers.onLogin(token) // optional you can provide as second argument this.apolloProvider.clients.otherClient this.$apolloHelpers.onLogout() // optional you can provide this.apolloProvider.clients.otherClientthis.$apolloHelpers.getToken() // optional you can provide the token name

Updated to most recent vue-apollo by dohomidohomi

This is only a convenient release to update to the most recent vue-apollo version.

Add option for node_modules file recognition by dohomidohomi

Added the option to include graphql-tag/loader on node_modules. This is important if you have a npm modules which features graphql files.

  // config

Updated dependencies by dohomidohomi

Minor update for dependencies and typos. Thanks for the contributions!

Fixed regression with apollProvider by dohomidohomi

Fixed regression for the use of app.apolloProvider Thanks @Akryum for the quick fix

Update to vue-apollo beta by dohomidohomi

Minor release to update to the latest vue-apollo beta

Fix multiple clients by dohomidohomi

This release fixes multiclient support. Thanks @bjunc for the contribution!

Update to v1 of NUXT by dohomidohomi

Removed deprecation warnings for NUXT v1.0.0

Thanks to @pSchaub for his early adoption.

Upgrade apollo-client and vue-apollo by dohomidohomi

Breaking Change

Make sure to follow the docs about the new way of adding

  • apollo-client v2
  • vue-apollo v3

Updated instructions please follow: https://github.com/nuxt-community/apollo-module/blob/master/README.md

Credits are going for @Hendrixer for his PR and @Atinux and @Akryum and @bjunc for their reviews.

v2.1.1 by AtinuxAtinux


v2.1.0 by AtinuxAtinux


  • It's now possible to return an object rather than the networkInterface directly #28
  • Now working in SPA mode #31

v2.0.0 by AtinuxAtinux

Breaking change

  • Your interface should export a function which get the context an returns a network interface now (#18)


  • Fix server-side rendering (#19)

v1.0.1 by AtinuxAtinux


  • Add isomorphic fetch dependency (#10)
  • Add store to prefetch argument (#14)