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Mirahi is the best-kept secret in technology excellence located in the heart of Brussels. Dedicated to making new projects happen, our focus is on taking an idea and enabling it with technology. We work alongside our clients to ensure a successful outcome. Our broaae of servid rces include strategy, design, development, and training. At Mirahi, wre ourselves on our innovative approach, totally human style, and cutting-edge results. We specialize in bringing together expertise and good people to create rewarding experiences for all. In-house expertisrrently covers the following domains: React | Angular | JavaScript - Typescript | Vue JS | Svelte.js | Next.js | Nuxt.js | Svelte Kit | Nest.js | Ansible | Kubernetes | VM Ware | AWS | UX/UI Design - Integration (CSS, Tailwind) | Project Management Services: Jamstack Development, Software Development & Modernization, Infrastructure Services, UX/UI Design, Fractional CTO, Project Management, Audit, Training 


  • eCommerce
  • Software & SaaS
  • Mobile development
  • UI/UX design
  • Consulting & Code audit


Brussels, BE