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Nuxt Kit

Nuxt Kit provides composable utilities to make interacting with Nuxt Hooks and Nuxt Builder Core and developing Nuxt Modules super easy!


Install Dependency

You can install the latest Nuxt Kit by adding it to the dependencies section of your package.json. However, please consider always explicitly installing the @nuxt/kit package even if it is already installed by Nuxt.

"dependencies": {
"@nuxt/kit": "npm:@nuxt/kit-edge@latest"

Import Kit Utilities

import { useNuxt } from '@nuxt/kit'

Nuxt Kit utilities are only available for modules and not meant to be imported in runtime (components, Vue composables, pages, plugins, or server routes).

Nuxt Kit is an esm-only package meaning that you cannot require('@nuxt/kit'). As a workaround, use dynamic import in the CommonJS context:

// This does NOT work!
// const kit = require('@nuxt/kit')
async function main() {
const kit = await import('@nuxt/kit')