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Lifecycle Hooks

Nuxt provides a powerful hooking system to expand almost every aspect using hooks. This feature is powered by unjs/hookable.

Nuxt Hooks (Build Time)

These hooks are available for Nuxt Modules and build context.

Usage with nuxt.config

export default defineNuxtConfig({
hooks: {
'close': () => { }

Usage with Nuxt Modules

import { defineNuxtModule } from '@nuxt/kit'
export default defineNuxtModule({
setup (options, nuxt) {
nuxt.hook('close', async () => { })

App Hooks (Runtime)

App hooks can be mainly used by Nuxt Plugins to hook into rendering lifecycle but could also be used in Vue composables.

Usage with Plugins

export default defineNuxtPlugin((nuxtApp) => {
nuxtApp.hook('page:start', () => {
/* your code goes here */

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Nitro App Hooks (Runtime)

These hooks are available for Nitro plugins to hook into Nitro's runtime behavior.

Usage within a Nitro Plugin

export default defineNitroPlugin((nitroApp) => {
nitroApp.hooks.hook('render:html', (html, { event }) => {
console.log('render:html', html)
html.bodyAppend.push('<hr>Appended by custom plugin')
nitroApp.hooks.hook('render:response', (response, { event }) => {
console.log('render:response', response)

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