Modules Directory

Nuxt scans the modules/ directory and loads them before starting. It is a good place to place any local modules you develop while building your application.

The auto-registered files patterns are:

  • modules/*/index.ts
  • modules/*.ts

You don't need to add those local modules to your nuxt.config.ts separately.

// `nuxt/kit` is a helper subpath import you can use when defining local modules
// that means you do not need to add `@nuxt/kit` to your project's dependencies
import { createResolver, defineNuxtModule, addServerHandler } from 'nuxt/kit'

export default defineNuxtModule({
  meta: {
    name: 'hello'
  setup () {
    const { resolve } = createResolver(import.meta.url)

    // Add an API route
      route: '/api/hello',
      handler: resolve('./runtime/api-route')
export default defineEventHandler(() => {
  return { hello: 'world' }

When starting Nuxt, the hello module will be registered and the /api/hello route will be available.

The local modules are registered by alphabetical order. You can change the order by prefixing with a number if front of each directory: